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45 Kč

Home-made smoked piglet hip, served with grilled white bread and mustard-honey dip

97 Kč

Grilled oštiepok - traditional slovak smoked cheese withspring salad, served with herbal bread

97 Kč

Traditional steak Tartar of a young bullock 100g/300g (0,22lb/0,66lb) (we serve already seasoned) with fried or grilled bread with garlic 

187 Kč/417 Kč

Pickled cheese variations (Camembert-type cheese, blue cheese and parenica - a kind of Slovak semi-firm cheese)

pickled in herbal oil with chilli peppers and shallots, served with bread

59 Kč

Pickled Camembert pieces with walnuts, dried tomatoes and capers in herbal oil, served with bread 

59 Kč

Pork rilletes shredded pork meet in its own juice, served chilled with bread and onion relish

89 Kč

Home made potatoe spirals

55 Kč


Home-smoked smoked piglet hip, served with mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, pepper dip

187 Kč

Quesadillas with shreded beef neck basted with beer, with cheddar, home made BBQ sauce, jalapeňos peppers and caramelised beer onion, served with variations of lettuce 

187 Kč

Pork knee (a half) slowly baked in a beer marinade with dijon mustard and thyme, pickled onion relish and pickled baby cucumbers, served with grilled bread 

177 Kč

Pork tenderloin fillet fried, coated in our home made breadcrumbs, served with lumpy mashed potatoes and small side salad

187 Kč

Pepper bulgur risotto with roasted vegetables, bear garlic and feta cheese (Can also be made in a vegan version.)

155 Kč


Pastrami beef sandwich - our lightly smoked beef pastrami, cheddar, bacon, pickled onion relish, pickled cornichons cucumbers, tasmanian dresing, served with potatoe spirals

237 Kč 

Chicken club sandwich with fried egg, grilled bacon, cheddar cheese and honey dressing, spring salad

187 Kč 

Beer Braised Shredded Beef Burger - cheddar, onion -cucumber relish and tasmanian and honey dressing, served with potato spirals

187 Kč

Caramelised Beer Onion Beef  Burger made from minced steak meat - grilled bacon, cheddar and coarse-grained mustard mayo, served with potato spirals

187 Kč

BBQ Beef Burger made from minced steak meat 

 with bacon, cheddar, shallots and our home made smoked BBQ sauce, served with potato spirals

187 Kč

Veggie Burger made from roasted field mushrooms, cheddar cheese, tempeh and quinoa, with honey dressing, spring vegetables, served with potatoe spirals

187 Kč

Gluten-free bun

+37 Kč

                                          Tortillas and salads:

Tortilla with our lightly smoked beef pastrami,
 cheddar, lettuce with pickled onion relish and baby cucumbers and mustard dressing

217 Kč

Tortilla with grilled chicken with parmesan, spring vegetables and cheese dressing

187 Kč

Tortilla with grilled Halloumi cheese, spring vegetables and honey dressing 

187 Kč

Caesar salad with chicken, garlic crutons and parmesan cheese 


Caesar salad with garlic crutons and parmesan cheese  

147 Kč

Spring salad with a poached egg, feta cheese, served with grilled white bread 


                    Grilled meat:

Rib eye beef steak 200g/0,441 lb, medium grilled, with brandy sauce, served with roasted spring vegetables garnish 

287 Kč

Pork tenderloin  200g/0,441 lb served with roasted spring vegetables and pepper sauce

187 Kč

Duck breast 200g/0,441 lb medium grilled with vegetables garnish (asparagus, mixed colour carrot, green peas, shallots) with brandy sauce

237 Kč

Fresh salmon fillet 150 g/0,331 lb served with grilled butter vegetables garnish and baked pepper paste

237 Kč

Sauces and dips:

Our lightly smoked BBQ sauce

30 Kč

Parmesan, mustard, honey and tasmanian tomato dip 

30 Kč

                  Side dishes:

Pepper bulgur with vegetables

49 Kč

Buttered mashed potatoes

49 Kč

Variation of lettuce and vegetables

49 Kč

Roasted spring vegetables

57 Kč

Grilled white bread

17 Kč