Regular menu starts at 2.30 pm



by daily menu 0,3l

45 Kč

Grilled goat cheese with waldorf salad with nuts and apples, served with a baguette

105 Kč

Sirloin steak of a young bullock, home dried in cane sugar and salt with spiced crust

105 Kč

Roastbeef with horseradish, honey mustard, pickled cucumber, served with bread

105 Kč

Our baked beef pastrami, served with waldorf salad and bread

105 Kč

Steak Tartar made of beef tenderloin 100g (0,22lb) (we serve it already seasoned) served with fried bread with garlic 

215 Kč

Variation of starters for 4 people, roastbeef, dried Sirloin steak of a young bullock, pork rillettes, cracklings in goose fat, served with bread, onion relish, vegetable fingers

297 Kč 


Shepperds´pie with shredded beef baked with dark beer, parmesan mashed potatoe, served with onion relish and demi-glace

195 Kč

Roastbeef, served with baked mashed potatoes with cheese, port wine sauce, glazed shallots with chestnuts

215 Kč

Quessadillas with shredded beef, cheddar cheese, jalapeňos peppers, home made BBQ sauce and caramelised onions 

215 Kč

Baked meaty pork ribs in our marinade, served with waldorf salad and bread

249 Kč

Pressed baked pork knee with beer, served with horseradish, variation of mustard, pickled cucumber and bread

195 Kč

Pork tenderloin fillet, served with lumpy mashed potatoes and celery salad  

215 Kč


Pastrami Beef Burger - our lightly smoked beef pastrami, cheddar, bacon, baby onion relish, honey dresing, served with rustic potatoe chips

237 Kč 

Caramelised Beer Onion Beef  Burger - grilled bacon, cheddar and coarse-grained mustard mayo, served with rustic potatoe chips

195 Kč

Shredded Beef HOT BBQ Burger with bacon, cheddar, jalapeňos, baked beans, BBQ sauce with tabasco, served with rustic potatoe chips  

195 Kč

Gluten-free bun

+40 Kč

                                          Tortillas and salads:

Tortilla with our lightly smoked beef pastrami,
 cheddar, lettuce with pickled onions and cucumbers and smoked alioli dip

237 Kč

Tortilla with grilled chicken with parmesan and cheese dressing, served with small side salad

195 Kč

Caesar salad, garlic crutons and parmesan cheese 


with chicken

+ 50 Kč

with beef pastrami

+ 80 Kč

with roastbeef

+ 80 Kč

Vegetarian and vegan choice:

Veggie Burger made of cheddar cheese, tempeh and quinoa, with celery salad, apples, nuts, honey dressing, served with sweet potatoe chips

215 Kč

Baked beans (vegan), with corn, peeled pepper, jalapeňos, tempeh and cumin, served with bread

165 Kč

Wladorf salad with apples and nuts, served with a baguette

89 Kč

                    Grilled meat:

Tenderloin beefsteak 200g/0,441 lb, medium grilled, with port wine sauce, served with glazed shallots with chestnuts 

378 Kč

Beef flank steak 200g/0,441 lb, medium grilled, with demi-glace sauce, served with baked beans garnish, peeled pepper and corn

287 Kč

Pork tenderloin 200g/0,441 lb medium grilled with a strong pork sauce, served with glazed shallots with chestnuts

195 Kč

Juicy pork cutlet 200g/0,441 lb, with a strong pork sauce, served with baked beans garnish, peeled pepper and corn

195 Kč

Turkey breast 200g/0,441 lb marinated in Adžika (a mix of Georgian and Armenian seasoning), served with Waldorf salad with apples and nuts 

187 Kč

Fresh salmon fillet 150 g/0,331 lb served with grilled peppers and shallots and baked pepper sauce

237 Kč

                  Side dishes:

Baked mashed potatoes with cheese 

55 Kč

Buttered mashed potatoes

49 Kč

Variation of lettuce and vegetables with dressing

65 Kč

Sweet potatoe chips

65 Kč

Matches with beer:

Rustic potatoe chips, smoked alioli dip with baked garlic, served with vegetables fingers 

97 Kč

Pickled Camembert pieces with nuts, dried fruit, served in a patent glass with bread  

59 Kč

Pork rillettes, served in a patent glass with bread  

95 Kč

Cracklings in goose fat, served with bread

55 Kč

Home made seasoned almonds

55 Kč

Cold sauces:

Parmesan dip, mustard-honey dip, Home made BBQ sauce

35 Kč

Smoked alioli dip with baked garlic 

35 Kč